Long-Range Shooting School

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The popularity of long-range hunting has exploded in the last few years. With this popularity comes the need for quality training to be able to ethically harvest animals at extended ranges. There are numerous long-range shooting schools around the country, but few offer a full weekend getaway with lodging and meals provided.

By surfing the internet you will find many of the classes are becoming way too technical and the instructors are pumping unneeded information into their students. Long range shooting out to 1000 yards is not that difficult and can be mastered by most shooters. This course will keep it simple and impart the required knowledge needed for long range hunting. The instructors will chronograph the customer’s ammunition and assist them in creating a range card and ballistic profile that they can use for future hunts.

The initial training comes as soon as you arrive and get settled into our lodge. The classroom section of the course will commence and then we will head out to our 100-yard range for the beginning of the hands-on section. Our overall itinerary of the course is as follows:

Day 1:


  • Firearms Safety
  • Ethical considerations for harvesting game at extreme ranges.
  • Equipment familiarization
  • External Ballistics
  • Minute of angle and MilRad explained.
  • Range finding
  • Use of ballistic calculators and Apps.

100 Yard Shooting Range

  • Initial sight in of participant’s rifles and familiarization with their equipment.
  • Proper breathing techniques and trigger pull.
  • Shooting positions and use of rests.
  • Scope adjustment using MOA and MilRad system.
  • How to troubleshoot a rifle/scope that will not group or track properly.
  • Chronograph participant’s ammunition for making a range card and initial input into ballistic program.
Long-Range Shooting School
Long-Range Shooting School

Day 2:


  • Ranges 200-500 yards
  • Safety briefing
  • Becoming comfortable dialing scope to proper range settings using MOA or MilRad system
  • Observation of bullet trace will be explained and used to correct for missed targets.
  • Range finding on unknown distance targets.
  • How to read wind and the effect of terrain on wind.
  • Effect of mirage on extreme distance targets.


  • Safety briefing
  • Engaging targets at various unknown ranges out to 1000 yards
  • Implementing windage and range finding skills
  • Observation of bullet trace will be explained and used to correct for missed targets
  • Effect of mirage on extreme distance targets.
  • Ability to shoot from a bench and/or prone position

Day 3:


  • Safety briefing
  • Put all skills learned towards final shooting test at various targets at new unknown ranges
  • Once completed, all participants will receive certificate of completion
  • Depart ranch
Long-Range Shooting School
Long-Range Shooting School

Items needed by the participants

  • Rifle capable of 1” or less group at 100 yards
  • Scope with externally adjustable windage and elevation knobs using MOA or MilRad adjustments.
  • Bipod that swivels (Harris 6” to 9” S-series or equivalent)
  • Adjustable sling
  • 250 rounds of MATCH grade ammunition (Preferably the ammunition that they plan to hunt with)
  • Hearing and eye protection
  • Rangefinder (optional)
  • Shooting mat or canvas tarp (optional)
Long-Range Shooting School
Dead Man’s Pass Ranch can provide the items required for the shooting school (rifle, ammo, etc.) at an extra charge.

Certified Instructors

Our Instructors are certified to instruct Texas Parks & Wildlife Hunter Safety courses. So if you want to take the course as part of our long range shooting shoot it can be added. It’s a great time to get those young Texas hunters qualified to get their hunting license by taking this required Texas Parks & Wildlife Hunter Safety course needed to get a Texas hunting license.


Heriberto (Eddie) Venegas, a Del Rio, TX native. Enlisted in the United States Army in March of 2009.

Choosing the MOS 19D Cavalry Scout. He shipped off to Fort Knox, Kentucky to complete Basic Combat Training and Advanced Individual Training. During his six years of active duty he served at Fort Hood with 2nd Squadron 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment, who he deployed with to the Wasit, Province of Iraq on a 12 month combat tour. Eddie also served at Fort Carson, CO. During his time in Ft. Carson he was chosen by his leadership to attend U.S. Army Sniper School. Enrollment to Sniper School is limited to 11 series (Infantry), 18 series (Special Forces) & 19D (Cavalry Scout).The School is a 7 week course, and is one of the Army’s toughest schools having only about a 40% passing rate. Eddie would go on to graduate Sniper School at the top of his class earning the title of Honor Graduate of Sniper Class No. 701-13. Eddie Separated the U.S. Army in March of 2015.

Eddie, his wife Sandra, and two children Aaron, and Alan currently live in Del Rio, TX. Eddie is currently a full time Firefighter for the City of Del Rio, and has served his community as a Firefighter/EMT for nearly 5 years.

In his spare time Eddie enjoys spending time with his family. Teaching his two boys to fish, and hunt. Also working as a professional guide and head Instructor for Dead Man’s Pass Ranch’s Shooting School.