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Booking Procedures & Policies

Air Travel

Camp Policies

Preparing For Your Hunt

Being mentally and physically prepared for your hunt will help ensure that everyone, including Ranch staff, will have a most enjoyable and productive hunt.

Prior to the hunt, Ranch will send client a thorough Prep Packet that should answer most of the questions regarding what to bring, travel arrangements, hunting license, etc. Be sure to carefully read and understand this information. For weather conditions, go to the Ranch’s website for this information.

Practice shooting. We cannot emphasize the importance of practicing at the shooting range. Don’t just site in your gun. Practice! A checking of you and your gun’s accuracy will take place at the Ranch prior to any big game hunting. No Exceptions!

Hunter needs to be ready to make shots up to possibly 250 yards. Deer may or may not come to the feeder, so the hunter needs to be ready for this. Quality practice will ensure a better opportunity for a kill. However, the hunter must remember that this is hunting and not target shooting. The Ranch will provide you with an opportunity to shoot an animal, but the rest is up to you.

Shipping of Trophies

Should Ranch have to ship cape and antlers to client’s requested destination, client will be charged for shipping charges, as well as a Ranch service charge for crating/handling.

Reproduction of Trophies

Ranch reserves the right to reproduce trophies harvested to use in any of our promotional materials, advertising, website, brochures, etc.


Gratuities for guides and cooks are customary. Please be considerate and reward personnel for a job well done. We will do everything in our power to make your stay with us a very memorable experience. It’s not just a hunt; it’s a total package. Normal amounts vary, but most hunters tip as follows:

Hunt price:

Up to $1,500



$125 – $200 (Guide)

$200 – $300 (Guide)

$350 – $1000 (Guide)

$50 – $75 (Cook)

$75 – $100 (Cook)

$125 – $150 (Cook)

Important Fact About Your Hunter Education Certification:

Cancellation Policy

Deposits and final payments are non-refundable unless canceling client finds a replacement hunter. If Dead Man’s Pass Ranch, L.L.C. has to find a replacement, there will be a $1,000.00 rebooking fee plus any discounts given to the replacement hunter. The rebooking fee, plus any discounts will be deducted from client’s original deposit. All balances, if any, shall then be transferred to another hunt date.

If Dead Man’s Pass Ranch, LLC cancels you hunt (for any reason other than non-payment) within 30 days of your scheduled hunt, the ranch will refund 100% of all payments made.

No Shows

Client will be charged in full for the total number of persons in Client’s group/party and for the number of days booked. If Client is booking multiple people as part of the Client’s group/party, then Client should have stand-by hunters ready to fill any guest cancellation that Client may incur.